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About Us

As Quick Protein Clothing was founded by gym enthusiasts, we wear all of our gym and fitness sportswear when we exercise and constantly put our clothing to the test in real gym environments to ensure we have confidence in the products we sell.

Attending the gym for over 20 years, the director of Quick Protein knows what is in demand in terms of fashion, comfortability and practicality, this allows us to put a real gym goers mindset behind the brand and its garments and make gym clothing that is not only comfortable and functional, but that also looks good.

We are forward thinkers, we stand by our motto ‘Think Quick’, and with this we invite any suggestions from our customers for future ideas with garments, events and anything you can think off.

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What we stand for:


Our Objective – Everyone in our team has started from the bottom, we only promote within the company itself because we believe in investing in our family tree to assist in towards the companies natural growth. This ensures we have a solid team in which everyone knows what makes the company work and helps us push together towards our goal of producing an continually growing range of sportswear that combines the best fabrics, comfortable cuts and fashionable styling.


Our Reputation – We care about our customers as much as we care about our products, with this in mind we triple check all of our products before we send for delivery, as first impressions are just as important as every other impression. We workout in the same clothes as our customers so we have high standards, and we know how important it is that the quality and comfort of the clothing you wear when you exercise matches the technical ability of the fabrics and how it looks.


Our Brand – Our brand means a lot to us, being made here at home in the UK using the finest materials and craftsmanship, using trusted workshops in the heart of central London. This allows us quick and easy access to where our pride and joy is created meaning we can test out new clothing samples and fabrics to produce the latest sportswear, giving our customers quick access to the best that is on offer for when they’re working out.